Sockapalooza yarn and pattern ?

I finally got the perfect yarn for my sockapalooza pal. She said that "no green or brown" so I picked up light blue which is also lovely color for me to knit. Now I only have to choose between these three patterns, that I think would be perfect for her.

This one is from "Favorite Socks". I think I would love to do those little cables. And I just love the way they look!

Unfortunately the pic doesn't show this one right, but the pattern is "Denmark" from "Knitting on the Road". It also includes small cables and ribbing.

And the last one is from "Knitting Vintage Socks". I love the texture of this one, I made a pair for me with this and it just feels so nice on my feets! :)

Which one is your favorite? (Althought I think I'm still deciding it by myself ;))

2 kommenttia:

  1. they are all lovely! I really like Regia, very nice to work with AND wear!

  2. Those three patterns are all very nice, but I think that Denmark is my favorite. I haven't knit it yet, but I'm planning to at some point!